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Issues to Action Curriculum

Mikva’s six step process for youth activism engages students to (1) examine their communities, (2) identify issues of importance to them, (3) conduct primary research, (4) analyze power, (5) develop action strategies, (6) take informed action to impact change.  Issues to Action builds crucial literacy, civic and 21st Century Learning skills.   

Project Soapbox

Project Soapbox is a 1-2 week module where students develop and deliver a speech on an issue that they would like to see changed in their community.  The curriculum takes students through the stages of identifying qualities of a good speech, structuring a speech, using rhetorical devices and qualities of effective speech delivery.  Students strengthen their speaking and listening skills through this curriculum as well as build empathy and understanding through hearing their classmate’s speeches.  The culminating action is a public presentation of speeches.   

 Elections in Action

This curriculum guides teachers through instruction to inform and engage students in elections.  It includes lessons where students explore and identify their ideologies, learn about candidates, understand the campaign and electoral process and get involved in electoral politics through a variety of scaffolded actions.  Actions include voter registration drives, voter education efforts and campaigning.  

News. Voice. Power

This news literacy curriculum develops the skills to be critical news consumers and learn how to leverage the news media to make change on an issue.  Students develop key literacy skills including critical reading of text, sourcing, effective expository writing and identifying bias in text.  This curriculum works well in English as well as S.S. classrooms.

Student Voice Committee

This curriculum provides a framework and structure for an active youth governance body at your school.  The Student Voice Committee works in collaboration with the school administration to address school policy and include youth perspective in the process.  Students develop leadership skills and the process builds positive school culture and climate.