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Issues to Action Curriculum

Our six step process for youth activism asks students to examine their communities, identify issues of importance to them, conduct intensive primary research about these issues, analyze power, develop strategies, and take action to impact policy – while reflecting on the process throughout. It can be implemented in a variety of classes or as an after school club. Click below to see the table of contents.

Project Soapbox

Found in both Issues to Action and Democracy in Action curricula, Project Soapbox is a week long curriculum that has students develop and deliver a speech on an issue they feel passionately about.  The curriculum takes them through the stages of identifying qualities of a good speech, structuring a speech, using rhetorical devices and qualities of effective speech delivery.  Students then participate in a speech competition.

 Elections in Action

This free curriculum empowers teachers to help students become informed about and engaged in elections. It includes lessons that ask students to explore their own ideologies, learn about the candidates and get involved in electoral politics through a variety of scaffolded actions.

Student Voice Committee

This curriculum provides a framework and structure for implementing a youth governance body at your school.  The activities are written for use in an after school context for youth to work in collaboration with their principal to institute changes within the school.